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Taiwan Posts. All Done!

Phew! Breathed out a sigh of relieve and happy when I finally finished all my Taiwan posts this afternoon! I just hope that it does help other travellers in planning their free & easy trip to Taipei.

Click this LINK to view all the Taiwan posts.

It is easy to travel free & easy in Taipei. In fact, I am a person/traveller who prefer to explore a place on my own except when I choose to have a no-brainer trip. Then, and only then would I go for an all-inclusive tour package. :)

Taiwan is a place where public transportation is of high level of efficiency and effectiveness. There isn’t a place where you couldn’t access to public transport. The effectiveness of public transport in Taiwan makes my own country looks like a total loser! I wonder why can’t my country do the same? 53 years of independence and yet our public transportation is still a mess. Trust me, most of us Malaysians would admit the same thing!

Travelling to Taiwan, all you have to do is figure out where you would like to visit, look up the transport information on the world wide web, and there you are. You are all set and ready to explore Taiwan at your own pace.

I travelled with a group of friends, 7 of us all together. I wouldn’t say that we have the perfect information on hand, but I’m glad that things worked out as planned. :) If you asked me if travelling in Taiwan is difficult, my answer would always be NO. If you can’t speak Mandarin, please have your friend who knows Mandarin, write out some common phrases/questions in Chinese on cardboards, such as where is the toilet, where is the MRT station and etc. That way, you can always use those cardboards when need be.

Taiwanese are mostly friendly. Even if there are few who are not, they wouldn’t be rude to you. However, please don’t take things for granted and don’t take advantages of their good nature. They are generally friendly but do not try to piss them off. :) Do use “please” and “thank you” a lot. I must have said a lot of thank-you’s in Taiwan and when I returned, my colleagues were surprised that I blurted out thank-you’s in almost every single little thing. :) You see, a good habit that we Malaysians don’t seem to appreciate and adopt. How sad.

I guess I’ve left a small part of my heart in Taiwan. It is the culture and the people that reached my heart and grabbed hold of a piece of it. It’s so sad to see that such a beautiful island is often tormented by Mother Nature.

9 months down the road, the urge to set foot on that beautiful island again is getting stronger. Now, it is dangerous. My impulsive nature could strike any time when I see those cheap air tickets! Hahaha.

My favorite piece. Heart-warming. :)


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