Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Uniqlo Everywhere

Now, I have not seen any new opening fashion store created such a big scene in town. This is definitely the first! Even before its opening, it was already the talk of the town. Everybody was either talking or asking about Uniqlo. Me, saw the name a few times in the past, but never really bothered to check it out.

4th November, saw the photos of people queueing to go in to the store! The crowds!!! Oh my gosh!!! My dear friend, Melissa, came all the way from Seremban and queued for 3 hours to get in to the store! Good grief! She said she has created “a day in history” for herself. Hahahahaha……

I went on the 2nd day, 5th November, Deepavali. I was thinking perhaps lesser crowds since it was a public holiday and some people may have gone back to hometown or out of town. I was so so so wrong! Andrew dropped me at the Fahrenheit 88 entrance, I walked in, saw the queue, thought of going further in to queue. Geez…… I couldn’t see the end. The queue was just too long and I called Andrew, that’s it, am not going to queue! I’m not really an Uniqlo fanatic. :P

Played the Uniqlo online game few times and won some vouchers. It would be waste to just let the vouchers expired and I have got one RM50 voucher! Furthermore, would like to buy some jacket for my sister. Finally, there I was. Went there 2 days ago, no Q!!! So happy. In fact, there wasn’t any crowd in the store.

First, bumped into Andrew’s friends. Then, bumped into Christine! LOL! Everybody has got this Uniqlo fever! Guess what, Christine was there for 2nd time! Hahaha. Managed to grab something for myself and sister and used up 5 vouchers! :D The fleece jackets are so cheap!

Fleece Jacket, introductory price RM49.90 each. Bought one for my sis and one for myself. :D

Bought 3 leggings. RM39.90 each. After went home and tried, even I took L size, it is still pretty short for me. :(

Total, I only spent RM90 for the 5 items above. Happy. :D


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