Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Living The Buried Life

Two weeks ago, I was switching channels during commercials time and I saw this TV show with a bunch of cute guys. Obviously, they were doing something funny. That’s it, I’m stuck with the show.

Four guys, in their mid and late twenties, Dave, Ben, Duncan and Jonnie, are on a mission to complete “100 things to do before you die”. Yes, you heard me right, 100. They all have a good and kind heart. For every one thing that they complete, they help one stranger by asking him/her “what do you want to do before you die?” They really go all out to help people, that is one thing that most of the youngsters lack nowadays. If we all could be selfish (in completing our goals) and yet selfless (in helping others), the world would be such a better place to live in.

This is such a good example to follow. Why can’t we do the same thing? For one thing you achieve in your life, go help someone to achieve his/hers. Be it big or small, it’s the act that counts. Perhaps I’m silly to think that everyone would do the same, I guess people would be skeptical about the idea and could be saying “Ashley is daydreaming again”. :)

Well, I’m just gonna start it with myself. Let’s see how much I can achieve, and how long I can do this. LOL! First and foremost, gotta get my “buried” list done. :) Ah…… What a great way to usher in the year 2011.

The Buried Life – Facebook

The Buried Life on Wikipedia




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