Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

2011. Resolute!

If you know me well, you should know that I do not make new year resolutions. To me, it’s of no meaning. If I want to do it, I’ll do it no matter if it’s new year or not. If I do not wish to do it, give me tonnes of rewards and I would still not do it.

Funny and ironically, I am now writing my new year resolutions. Hahaha. Don’t call me a hypocrite lah, just that I need to give myself some negative push to do things that I haven’t been doing enough. Once I got them written down HERE, and by any chance that I do not accomplish them, I know very well some of you out there would be sitting in your chairs and laughing your heads off. This is the negative push I give myself, “you don’t want someone to laugh at you, do it then”! :D

The positive push, of course I could add more variety to my blog. :) My boring life seems so pathetic nowadays. I hardly have anything to blog about and I hate blogging nonsense. More activities, meaning more ideas and more interesting blog posts follow.

Gotta lead a healthy lifestyle, or at least, trying to live and eat healthily. With the new home completing soon, I shall then have the chance to brush up my cooking skill! Hahaha. Then, Andrew and I can ditch the eat-out lifestyle for good.

Nope, I am not revealing my resolutions now. There’s still a week or so to go until year 2011. I shall keep them a secret and fine-tuning them further. No, you don’t do your new year resolutions hastily and not thinking deep about them. Most of the people don’t follow through their resolutions because they are either unrealistic or difficult to achieve.

Ok, I have a date tonight. :) Also, shall be doing my last minute Christmas shopping.

Note: I am so, so, so busy lately, I do not even have time for lunch and toilet break. Everything suddenly pours in together and everything is of top priority. No one seems to understand. Sigh.


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