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Jingle All The Way2010

To let you have the idea of the importance of this gathering, I actually postponed my trip to BP home town (okay, I sound so sweet right? Hahahaha). :D Angie is back from Australia and I was so glad that she could make time for us on Christmas.

Was discussing with Christine about where we should meet. We were thinking of dinner, but then both of us thought, “we wouldn’t have much time to chat and catch up, let’s make it lunch!” LOL.

Then we found Poco Homemade, saw it in Berry’s blog before, the place looks special and unique. The place is not really so hard to find, there’s a very easy-to-read map in their blog. It’s just that Poco is not facing the main road, you will miss it easily. So, remember to always look to your left or right (depends on which direction you’re coming) for that little shop with pastel blue exterior. :)

Christine was the first to reach, both of us sitting and chatting and eating in Poco, waiting for the other 2 ladies to arrive.

Poco isn’t as spacious as it seems on the photos. It is pretty small, accommodating up to 20 persons or so perhaps. The decorations inside are pretty vintage and simple. It feels like we are back in the school days with those specially made wooden tables. Feel pretty much like home too.

The menu! So creative. There’s another menu made of wooden board. :)

I’m sure some of you may find this familiar. Yep, the trick that we used to play in primary school. :) It’s in Poco too, with the menu written on it.

Poco’s menu is pretty Japanese. I’d say most of them are of Japanese style. There is Katsu Don, soba, udon and Japanese cake.

Omelette Rice with Curry, RM13.80. With the Ho-Ho-Ho, it is so Christmas-y. :D

It is quite a lot! However, this is so-so only. The curry isn’t spicy at all and the rice is pretty “dull”.

Japanese cake. With squid, prawn, veggie and egg. :D This is delicious! Must try! (Sorry, I forgot the price. RM10 or so I think.)

Vivian and Angie came, but they have already taken their lunch. So, we went on to order all the desserts! Hahaha.

Green Tea Pudding with Red Bean, RM4. The green tea is so strong and it is so refreshing and aromatic!

Molten Chocolate Cake, RM5.80 or so.  Sorry I couldn’t remember exactly how much. This is super yummy! The waiter asked if we would like to add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream! Of course we said YES! :D

Peanut Butter cake. The name says it all. It tastes good and sweet, just that it’s pretty dry to eat on its own. It would be better to dip this with some creamer or milk. Have a cup of coffee to go with this one would definitely be heaven too. :)

Tofu Cheese Cake. We got curious because of its name, so we ordered it. There is different layers of tastes in this cake. The tofu came first, then followed  by the cheese and then all of them melted in your mouth together. If you do not like tofu, please don’t be adventurous. :) I love tofu, but honestly, I find this weird. :P

Rum Mascarpone. Super-duper delicious! You gotta try this. The rum may come off strong initially, but the sweetness followed and the chunky nuts and raisin blend in so well! Love it.

Overall, we like the desserts more. :) We have not tried the rest of the food, I shall return to try them all out. :D Perhaps with another bunch of crazy friends.

You may notice there isn’t any photo of drinks. Poco doesn’t have drinks? Nope. I was too thirsty, by the time I realised, my glass was already half  empty. Anyway, the drinks are, normal. There isn’t anything to shout about. Some of them do not even worth the price. I suggest you to try the green tea, RM2 per cup. :) Not that it is nice, it’s the cheapest compared with other drinks which do not taste fantastic. We drank a lot! That’s because we talked a lot! LOL!

For the address and the map to Poco Homemade, you may visit their blog. To avoid disappointment that you may not be able to get a table, I suggest you to make a reservation before you go. Or, go early. They open at 12pm.

Here’s some photos of us having fun in Poco. :)

Vivian brought this cute Santa Claus hair band! What a coincidence that we both wore red. :D

Having fun with the artwork on the wall. :D

A surprise from Vivian. :D

And Chris got creative with all the props! LOL.

Angie, Chris and I headed to One Utama. Chris got me this arm massager as Christmas gift. :D Sorry my dear, didn’t get you anything in return. Thanks for the gift!

Had such a wonderful time with the girls. A special Christmas indeed. :)


2 responses

  1. Ahhh..How I wish I could join you gals. ^^

    December 28, 2010 at 10:16 AM

    • Ashley

      Mel Mel, there’s always chance to meet. :D

      December 29, 2010 at 2:01 PM

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