Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Tron Legacy

It seems a bit late to post this right now. Heck with it, just post lah. Buatlah apa yang saya suka. :D

Andrew is so fascinated with the glowing effects of the movie. He even searched the internet for anything related to Tron before we went for the movie. Everyday he would tell me he found this “light headphones”, light t-shirt, light jacket, light backpack, light everything…… @__@ You know, it kind of put me off a little hearing so much about the movie. So, when he told me he wanted to watch the movie, I wasn’t all that excited. In fact, somewhere in my heart, I felt a weeny bit of reluctance to watch it in the cinema.

Anyway, I still watched it with Andrew, just wanted to see what it is all about and I was half expecting that I wouldn’t understand half of the story. LOL. I’ve watched the trailer numerous times, and it beats me. Weird sci-fi movie was all I could think. :D

Ohh…… All the cast looks so familiar, I’ve seen Jeff Bridges before but I don’t know which movie, some bad guy I think. Garrett Hedlund (Sam Flynn) looks so familiar too. Ahh…… Who cares, better focus on the movie.

Oooohhhh…… The costumes seriously impressed me! I feel like having one too, that saves me from all the wardrobe problems. Hahaha. Those light bikes and cars and flying things… They are so cool!!! If we could have something like that in real life, we do not have to worry about parking problems!

Both Andrew and I enjoyed the movie, but we are puzzled with one thing, what did Kevin Flynn eat in the Grid? It’s a cyber world but he was of flesh and blood, what  did he eat to keep him alive? Those food and drinks in the movie, doesn’t make sense at all. Well, perhaps the book would explain on that or perhaps, we think too much.

It’s a good movie in terms of visual and the action scenes. It’s not boring, but the way they talk in the movie made me feel like they were reading off the scripts. Somehow or other, I felt that Sam Flynn is the only living thing (human) in the movie. Hahaha.

The story is pretty, well, story. No suspense, no surprises and no unexpected twists or turns. It is a clear straight line and you could even know how it is going to end. Funny to think that I expected it to be out of my comprehension. Hahaha.

If you’re a person who likes sci-fi or lots of computer visual, Tron: Legacy is a must-watch. Don’t torture yourself for the sake of those glowing costumes if you ain’t a fan of sci-fi. As for me, I enjoyed the show, simply because I love fantasies. :) And, I love that cloak Kevin Flynn was wearing! Hahaha.

Oh, Tron reminded me of Avatar, a fantasy world that we could all escape to from the reality. If I couldn’t be in Pandora, the Grid isn’t all that bad too. :)


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