Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Aslan = GOD?

Watched Prince Caspian from DVD last week, something Aslan (The Lion) said made me all curious again. Wanted to catch a movie on Wednesday night and it was such a good timing that Voyage of the Dawn Treader is still in the cinema! After watching the third sequel, I couldn’t help but think, “Is Aslan reflecting as the God in our world?”

First in Prince Caspian, when Lucy kind of like asking Aslan why didn’t he come to them like the first time and Aslan replied, “things never happen the same way twice.” That stunned me for a while. I even replayed that part to make sure I heard it right. Took some time to refresh my memory, yeah, Aslan did come off with the image of God. Towards the end of the movie, where it showed Aslan even has the power to call on the nature to help the rest, it raised my suspicion even further.

In The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Aslan appeared much later. He was there when someone needed help or guidance desperately. When Lucy at the end asked Aslan if they would be seeing him in our world, Aslan replied yes, and he has another name in their world and by knowing him in Narnia helps them to know him better in their world. Their world, meaning our world, our reality. It started to dawn on me that Narnia is deep within us. It is so often that the good and evil thoughts come from within us. When we are desperate, we often turn to our religion/God for help and guidance.

Seeing that C.S. Lewis was of Christianity, it wouldn’t be surprise that Aslan was indeed a reflection of God.

Whether or not Aslan was portraying as the God in real life, The Chronicles of Narnia is one great story. Andrew even said that the Narnia movies are better than Harry Potter. :) Recently, we have been making fun by pronouncing Potter like how they did in the movie, with the emphasis on the POT. Hahaha.

I was a tad disappointed when I didn’t see Peter and Susan in this 3rd sequel. Obviously they’re big enough to take on the challenges in the world on their own and have learned enough to have faith in everything. Andrew said, “they’re older now, more famous perhaps, could be more expensive to hire them now.” LOL. True also.

My next reading target, The Chronicles of Narnia. :)


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