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A mini gathering @Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant (via This is Me; Melissa’s Blog)

I seriously believe that our almighty TIME is flying on a rocket! Hahaha. It has been a year since our Taiwan trip! Good grief!

It was a coincidence that we planned to meet up on this day, 22 January. One year ago, this particular day, we were in Leo Foo Village (theme park in Xinzhu, Taiwan) having fun. Yes, Melissa, you’re right. :) We miss our Taiwan trip so much and have been wanting to relive the moments. Since 3 of us were already in the mall, Alex was on his way too, both Wan Yi and I called our lovely husbands to come join us for dinner too.

Here we are, sitting in Fong Lye in The Gardens for our dinner! So nice to see 6 of us sit, eat, chat and laugh together again! I HEART you all!!!

For the details on the food, please visit Melissa’s blog at the bottom. :D

A mini gathering @Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant On last Saturday dated 22 January was exactly 1 year since we were in Taiwan. It was on 20 January 2010, since our trip to Taiwan together. If  I’m not mistaken, on 22 January 2010, we were at LeoFoo Village right Ashley, Wanyi??   Wanting to remember these sweet memories we had, therefore we made a small anniversary dinner. Wanyi suggested to have Taiwan food. Apparently, Fong Lye is the Taiwan restaurant which came across our mind.   … Read More

via This is Me; Melissa’s Blog


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