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Pre-Chinese New Year Dinner

With the help of a few other colleagues, we organised a dinner before the company closes for the Chinese New Year holiday. It has become a tradition to have this dinner before the CNY, in Cantonese, we call it “Sau Gong Jau”.

This year, we decided to buy some gifts for each of the staff. So that everyone would get to have something to bring back home for CNY. We got Eu Yan Sang’s chicken essence and Tai Thong’s dried meat. Everybody was so surprised and happy to see the gift. LOL.

Since we have some Muslim friends, we went to Spring Garden Restaurant (Halal) in KLCC for the dinner. Mind you, I made the bookings 3 weeks ago in order to get a private room! Last year I called 2 weeks in advance and I couldn’t get a private room.


Testing my handphone camera first. :D


Spring Garden KLCC


First thing of course would be Yee Sang.


Braised shark’s fin soup with Bamboo pith, dried scallop and crab meat. This is not real shark’s fin of course. This is the best amongst all the 9 dishes.


Steamed grouper with soy sauce. The fish was not fully cooked! Ish.


Sauteed white prawns with Sichuan style. Very unique, not bad.


My boss complained about the fish, and they gave us additional dish, complimentary. :D Don’t know what vegetable is this, but it is so juicy and crispy. :)


Special fried rice. Dull and tasteless.


Desserts – Boring.

There are another 3 dishes in between, I was too busy eating and forgot to take photos. Hahaha. When I took photos, my boss said “ish… again! Faster lah. You going to take photos of all of them?!” Kakakaka……

Out of the 9 dishes, the soup and the roasted chicken were the best. The rest of them are so-so only. There was this double-boiled sea coconut with white fungus dessert, it was so sweet that I stopped drinking it at the second sip. Eewwww……

The standard of the food has dropped so much. I wonder why.


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