Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner


People around me, seem to love rain, rainy days and the cold weather when it rains. However, me, hate it the most. Yes, hate. I hate it when it’s raining, cold and wet.

I adore cool weather, but not cold weather during rainy days. Everything feels “wet” and cold on a rainy day! I do not like the feel of it.

People told me you can’t take off your clothes in the public if it’s hot, but you could put on extra clothes when it’s cold. So, they’d prefer it to be cold. I agree, but still I do not like rainy days. I simply do not like rain. I’d get annoyed if the rain hits me and I’d get agitated if my pants are wet from the rain.

I know nothing would survive without the rains. I appreciate the downpour and I respect the Mother Nature. However, I do not like these rainy days. It’s been raining since yesterday, non-stop. It makes it such a hassle to go on with our daily life. Maybe I’m a “sun” person, rainy days just make me feeling gloomy and ill.

Rain, rain, rain, could you please go away? Just give me a week of sunny Chinese New Year. I’d like to have some Chinese New Year wind and sun. Please. Thank you. *Fingers crossed*



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