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新少林寺 Shaolin

Just came back from a movie with Andrew. There wasn’t any queue in TGV KLCC, perhaps we were early, it was 11am. Wanting to catch an early-bird movie. To our surprise, Citibank is having a great promotion deal for its cardholders! Weekends deal, buy 1 free 1 on Saturdays and Sundays!!! I only paid RM9 for 2 movie tickets! So happy. LOL. Now we can watch movie on weekends!

Of course it would be Andy Lau’s new movie, Shaolin (新少林寺)! Been wanting to watch it since the first day I saw its trailer. Andy Lau, my idol! Hahaha.

Love the movie. A very meaningful one. Nicholas Tse’s performance is notably great, ever since the “Bodyguards and Assassins”. Acting alongside so many great actors and yet he could still stand out. Hats off to him. I start to admire his acting more, he’s just like the Asian Leonardo DiCaprio.

Not forgetting my idol, Andy Lau. He is still as good as ever. I’m not sure if the movie could still be this good if Andy Lau was not the lead actor. I’m so impressed with his acting in the movie. Nothing else I could say more to tell you how great he is, you’ll just have to see it for yourself.

I’m impressed with the story too, thumbs up to the director (陈木胜). Andrew said that the movie gave him a lot of thoughts. We human, would never heed advises from others until we experience it on our own. How true it is. I, on the other hand, get this particular message from the movie, it’s just so loud and clear. There isn’t friends forever, neither there is enemies forever. You will never know, your friend could well suddenly become your worst enemy ever, and your enemy could turn out to be your truest friend.

There is so much more about the movie. Don’t expect a lot of action scenes, you must know how to appreciate Shaolin kung-fu and the philosophy behind the movie. It’s a great movie, only if you know how to appreciate it.

Here’s the trailer of the movie and the theme song by Andy Lau. The song matches so perfectly with the movie, even Andrew who doesn’t appreciate Andy Lau as much as I do, agreed that it’s a perfect song, with the perfect music and lyrics. :)


One response

  1. Ya, it caught me unawares, infront of the telly, eating donuts.

    It’s very good…I was in tears all night!

    The idea that you will never be with the person you need to be…not in this lifetime anyway…was too much.

    February 13, 2011 at 7:00 PM

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