Oops, You Did It Again

Out of the blue, thought of checking “it” after such a long time. To my surprise, I found so many similarities to my blog, and another friend’s blog.

It happened before, and it didn’t bother me for quite some time. Now seeing and reading all the similarities again, it just sent the chills down my spine once again. This time, to the next level, another victim. Erm, perhaps victim is too strong a word to say, I should say “source”. :>

Sorry to say that there are uncreative people out there who just do not have originality. It’s ok that if you would like to write on the same thing, but it is your creativity to write it your way and make it different. Once you do it your way, people would only say that you’re inspired by someone/something, not copying.

Well, you could say that I am being sensitive again. Readers who read my blog here may not be reading others’ and their readers may not read mine, so it doesn’t really matter. Or perhaps take it as a compliment. HA!

I truly believe that everyone is creative in their own way, but it seems like there are exceptions. :)

It’s ok now, look at it on the bright side, I help someone to improve. A good deed indeed. :D

Luckily, the only and most important difference is, I could write better. :) *V signs*

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