Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Valentine’s Surprise

It’s not our (Andrew and I) habit to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We both think the same that, one does not have to wait for one particular day to celebrate love with his/her loved ones. Even during our dating days, we have never celebrated Valentine’s Day. However, he did buy me gifts during Valentine’s Day when he feels like to. Yeah, not every year, only when he feels like to. :) Well, that is enough, to make me happy.

Today, as usual, it’s going to be a normal day for us. I do not expect any flowers or gifts or a romantic dinner. Just when I was busy multi-tasking (working and planning Melbourne trip at the same time), I received this email out of no where.

I rubbed my eyes and read again. It’s from him all right, but I thought his email account has been hacked! LOL! This is not an everyday thing you’d get!

That really caught me off guard. While in the midst of all the business, it is so sweet to receive an email like that. Nothing fancy, no fabrications, as blunt and plain as that, but the message is loud and clear. :) That also showed that he actually was thinking of me when he was at work.

Who says my husband ain’t romantic? He is, in his own way. :) Sometimes you just gotta appreciate even the smallest thing in life.

I’m contented, with what I have for this Valentine’s Day.

*I just couldn’t shake that smile off my face! LOL!*

One response

  1. ahhh…so sweet of Andrew. AT least he has the courtesy to write the mail. Short but straight to the point! ;-)

    February 16, 2011 at 1:55 PM

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