Dry Skin

Last year August, I started to have rashes around my neck. Occasionally the skin around my eyes felt itchy too, then my arms. Didn’t bother it at first. Then it got bad. The skin started to become very dry around those area that I scratched. Went to a GP, the doctor couldn’t put it to what causes it, he called it “systemic allergic”. He prescribed me with some medication and cream for external use. That was it.

Obviously the condition was better whenever I was under medication. However, the moment I stopped taking those drugs, the itching started all over again.

I’ve tried to change shampoo, shower gel, facial moisturiser, facial cleanser, bedsheets, towel…… None seemed to work. Tried eating seafood, it didn’t make the condition worse. Phasing out all the possibilities that could cause the rashes. Nothing.

Last month right before CNY, I just couldn’t take it anymore. Went to another GP in my hometown, gotten an injection. Phew, all the itchiness and rashes gone! Too bad, it didn’t last. It came back last week. I was so sick of going back to clinic for medication. How long am I going to be on drugs?

For months I’ve been suffering from the irritating rashes and under medication. The skin started to look dull and grayish. My cousin told me it could be due to dry skin disorders. With some doubts, I started to don on a lot of lotion day and night. Surprisingly, the skin felt less itchy but the condition didn’t improve much.

I went on the internet, searching for dry skin disorders, found this website that cleared all my doubts and got me relieved. Ahhh… I’m not that sick actually.

So, I started asking around on FB for most moisturising body lotion. Finally, I chose Rosken. Thank goodness! It works! On the second day after I started using it, I did not feel itchy anymore! Then the skin condition started to improve. No more rashes or redness or dry flaky skin.

Guess my dry skin problem is caused by the air, age and habits. Used to take long hot shower in the morning, used to towel-dry my body so harsh that not a drip of water was on it, didn’t bother to put on any lotion both at home and at work…… Guess I took it for granted, thinking that my skin was so perfect that it couldn’t give me any problem. Nah, so wrong.

Now, it’s become my routine to don on the Rosken lotion in the morning before work and at night before sleep, right after shower.

People, please take some time to read the website I mentioned above, and start taking good care of your skin. It’s the largest organ of our body and don’t underestimate even the slightest problem it could give you.

Dry skin disorders isn’t a disease, you just need to take extra care so that it could recover. Start your body lotion routine now, if you haven’t. You won’t regret it.

Summary – How to keep the moisture in your skin:

  1. Do NOT take long HOT shower. It is best the water is cold or lukewarm and keep your shower time short.
  2. PAT dry your skin after shower instead of wiping or rubbing it.
  3. Put on the body lotion right after your shower when your skin is still damp.
  4. Use PH balanced fragrance-free shower gel/soap.
  5. If you have dry skin, use a thick and greasy body lotion. Especially if you’re in an air-conditioned room all the time.


2 thoughts on “Dry Skin”

  1. hi there..!! i’m juz curious bout this Rosken lotion..can a 16 years old girl like me can use that products..? coz i’m really suffer w/ serious skin problems..i mean my legs are kinda look like snake skin..plez reply asap…

    1. Hi Veronica, thanks for popping by.

      I guess Rosken lotion is safe to use even when you’re just 16. However, I’ve found out that Rosken contains mineral oil too, which is not very good for the skin in the long term. It isn’t good but it doesn’t mean that it will cause you any problem. You can read about it HERE. It is still safe to use. I am still using it in the office. My skin improves a lot after using it.

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