The Search For WondLa

I was playing this game on iPad last week. It’s a “find the difference” game, called The Search for WondLa. Read from the game that it’s actually a book. Didn’t give it much thought as I was thinking the book wouldn’t be available here in Malaysia.

Went for a movie last Saturday and got some time to spare before the movie started. Andrew dearest suggested to go to Kinokuniya to kill some time. There, it is very rare for him to be the first one to suggest a bookstore for time-killing. I thought I hit the jackpot of the day! Hahaha.

I guess it was destined for me to find this book. It’s in hardcover, and there are some illustrated images in the book too. That’s what it says on the cover, since it was wrapped, I had no way to see what kind of images inside. The only thing that caught my attention and spur my interest is that, the author is the one who wrote The Spiderwick Chronicles. That’s it. No more second guessing, I grabbed a copy of the book. :D

Geez…… I bought a children’s book! LOL! Perhaps I could read this to my child (if I’d ever have one) in the future. :)

The Search for WondLa is about Eva Nine, who goes on a journey to search for her own kind.

This is going to be a bizarre journey. Would it be as interesting as The Spiderwich Chronicles? We shall see. :)

Here’s a trailer of the book.


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