Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

I Am Number Four

Andrew suggested to watch I Am Number Four, but I remember a friend of mine told me not to watch it and mentioned Sanctum was not bad. However, when we reached the cinema, the urge to watch I Am Number Four was too just too strong. LOL. Or I should say Sanctum wasn’t attractive enough.

There was some drama when we were purchasing the movie tickets over the counter. Andrew asked the attendant if we could purchase the Citibank promotion tickets here at this counter, she answered YES. I even showed her my Citibank Card and laid it on the counter. When she clicked and showed us the price, Andrew confirmed with her if it was the Citibank promotional ticket price. She flipped and scolded us in Malay “ah lah, cakaplah awal-awal tadi”. I was annoyed with her behavior. I came all the way here to enjoy my movie, not to get ill-treated by some irresponsible worker. Not wanting to spoil my Sunday movie mood, I told her, “Excuse me, just now we did ask you if we could use Citibank card here and you said YES. Can you please be more polite to your customer? How could you speak to you customer like that?” She kept quiet. I could have continued to give her a piece of my mind, but I stopped. Don’t sweat over small stuff. Just find it hard to understand the people nowadays, if you want to work, please do your work professionally.

Enough with the drama, let’s get on with the movie.

I actually saw the book before I knew there was a movie. The story didn’t intrigue me to buy it though. However, when I saw the trailer, it definitely looks great.

Alex Pettyfer has grown up so much! He was still a small kid in Stormbreaker! No wonder I couldn’t recognise him immediately from the trailer. Guess what, there is this one person I find him so familiar but I just couldn’t pin him to any of the movie I could have seen him in. It was Andrew who later told me he was that lead actor in Hitman and that baddie in Die Hard 4! Told ya, Andrew is extremely good with faces and people! Henri is Timothy Olyphant.

The movie was good, not great, but it was good. The visual effects are so cool! My friends were saying there are few parts at the beginning of the movie which are unnecessary. To me, I think the opposite. Every scene is necessary to explain the circumstances surrounding the characters. If they were to be cut short or left out, all of us would be in a daze of what is going on.

Actually, there are some questions in my head too. How did the Lorien people get to the earth? Why are they separated? If the protectors of the Lorien could come to the earth, why couldn’t their parents be saved too? Aren’t the protectors supposed to stay and fight so that the Lorien could escape? Why is it the other way around? Why the Mogadorians have to pursue and kill the Lorien one by one following the numbers? How did Number Six find Four? Number Six said her protector was killed in a Mogadorians attack, I thought the Mogs only kill following the number sequence? Why suddenly jumped to Number Six? Ahh…… So many questions. Perhaps the book will say better.

You may not like the movie if you’re looking for a full story from the book. This movie also isn’t for those who seek only actions. It is entertaining enough to kill some time on a weekend, and the special effects are undeniably cool. :)

Anyway, Andrew and I did enjoy the movie. At the end, it left both of us thinking, alien could be real and walking among us. You’ll never know who the person next to you really is. The world is so big, and it’s full of bizarre things. So, why not?


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