Wish For A Wish – Birthday

What? It’s that time of the year, again? Geez…… Time is really flying pass!

Guess what, this year I’ll be having my birthday in Melbourne!!! Hahaha. Did I choose the dates on purpose? Of course I did! LOL! Well, with a little bit of coincidence. I can’t wait, you know, celebrating birthday in another country! How’s it going to be? I don’t know. Perhaps there won’t be any celebration, but it is still going to be a special one. :D Go on laughing, but silly Ashley is all smiling at just the thought of it.

New iPad 2 is out! Gosh, with front and rear camera! 30% thinner than iPad 1! And the iPad 2 smart cover! Have you seen it? Gosh…… Though it still looks pretty the same with iPad 1, iPad 2 is simply gorgeous (although the rumors about the UBS port stay as a rumors, bah)! It has white! Furthermore, the price is going to be the same as iPad 1!!! AHHHH!!! I want one!

Emailed Andrew yesterday about my birthday wish, he in return, emailed a link to me, about iPad 2 is just a teaser for iPad 3, which is coming real soon. Nah, that was bulls***. Even if it was real, it won’t be so soon. Do you think Apple is stupid enough to mass produce the iPad 2 now only to launch iPad 3 soon enough to replace iPad 2? They sure are going to make a big fortune first!

iPad 2, when are you going to be mine???

Watch this video and you’ll get “poisoned”. LOL.

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