Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Pray for Japan

The damage is bad, worse than anyone could have ever imagined. I saw people in Tokyo are still in discipline and order, never had I thought that it could be so bad until I saw the videos and photos of other areas yesterday. It is so, so, so bad. Death toll is hitting 10,000.

Some of the anti-Japan may not agree with me to pray for Japan, due to what they have done in the World War II. To me, those were the people who did it, not the innocent lives now. Some may even say that it is karma, and karma is happening now.

Praying, is the only thing that I can do. Pray for the innocent people in Japan. Pray that it wouldn’t get worse and pray that they have all the strength they need to go through this rough time. Also, pray that the tsunami ripples do no further harm. Praying, is all that we can do from the other side of the world.

This is not the time to be calculative. Can you yourself look everyone in the eye and say that you do none of them wrong? Would you admit that whatever mishap happens to you is karma of what you or your ancestors did in the past and you do not deserve help no? Who are we now to judge whether they deserve help? Are we in the position now to do justice?

To forgive doesn’t mean you have to forget. To forgive is to give yourself a chance to be free.

Pray, in the name of humanity. Pray for Japan.


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