Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles

Saw the trailer last month, thought it would be a great movie. Then 2 weeks ago saw the making on local TV, geez…… The way the director filmed the movie was so shaky, it was like watching from a video cam by people who doesn’t know how to film. I felt dizzy. Andrew saw the trailer on TV and told me he wanted to go watch it, I disagree, told him that the movie was filmed in such a way similar to Cloverfield and Quarantine. He also dropped the thought to watch it then. Hahaha.

I was surprised that a friend sent me a message asking if I would like to watch World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles. I am glad and grateful that my friend did think of me. I really appreciate them thinking of me. It shows that I’m on their mind, and I’m happy for that. :) With the free tickets, my sweet friend even said I could bring Andrew along. How sweet! :)

With the free tickets, Andrew was quick to say OK! Hahaha. Both of us were hoping it wouldn’t be as bad and dizzy as Cloverfield. True enough, BLA did not fail us. It’s a good movie. Storyline is pretty much similar to War of the Worlds and Cloverfield, but the point of view has switched. Both War of the Worlds and Cloverfield were from the civilians POV, BLA is from the POV of the soldiers fencing against the aliens.

I always believe every movie has an underlying message, here, the movie encourages heroic act, that always comes with a price. Don’t go there if you’re not ready to pay that price, it could be too much for you to handle.

Saw some critic commented that the movie is a junk and whoever watches and likes it, they’re idiots. I find it too harsh though. Well, you just can’t please everybody.

Not a bad action movie at all. (I don’t mean to say that it’s nice just because I got a free ticket, and I wouldn’t say that it’s bad too just because it’s free. :) )


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