Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Missing My iPhone

Guess what, it’s lost for nearly half a year, and I am still missing it! *Cries* Was looking through my old posts to find some inspirations on what I could blog next, I found this post!!!

My iPhone!!! *Cries even louder* My Precioussssssssss……

Seeing those applications in the phone (of the photos), my heart’s breaking one more time. My iPhone…… Adoi….. Wahai ku…… Gosh…… Geez…… 心痛到……

I’m sorry. Sorry for being emotional. I just couldn’t help it you know. A year and a half with my iPhone and it’s gone! Now only I feel like cursing that sucker who took it from me! Sucker!!! ^*&%#@*$!! Hmm…… Isn’t it a bit too late that the emotions only come now? Hahahahahaha…… I don’t know why I was so cool with it that time. Now I’m missing it dearly.

I love my Galaxy S too, but I still miss my iPhone. T__T Guess they’re right, you have to lose it to know how dear it was to you. No, I do not wish to lose my current one. NO WAY!!! *Goes to cuddle her Galaxy S, “you’re my baby”.*

Okay, this is just a random post on my emotions. Sorry about the crap. :D


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