Back With A Loaded Heart

Back from Melbourne yesterday. My heart is filled with joy and experiences. It wasn’t a perfect trip, but somehow I’m grateful that I was able to go on a trip with Andrew in such a foreign country.

It is different this time, in such a land where most of the locals are having white skin and brown hair. Walking down the streets was enough to get us thrilled and excited. So yeah, basically you can see a bunch of “mountain turtle” (sua gu in Hokkien) walking on the Melbourne streets, ooh-ing and ah-ing at almost every little thing. LOL.

Melbourne CBD is very walkable, love walking around the city as there are so many things to see. The feel of the cold breeze and weather, you’ll never get it in Malaysia. Of course we want to enjoy that as much as possible and take in as many sceneries as possible. :)

Overall, it’s a great trip. The only regret is that we were there for too short a time. Hopefully next time we could stay there longer. Yep, Melbourne, I’ll be back. ;)

One of the 12 Apostle.

More to come. Give me some time to review the photos and I have some photos in other friends’ cameras too.

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