Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Ranting it Hard

I couldn’t take it anymore. Again and again she did it to me.

She claimed that I never take care of her feelings, has she ever taken care of mine?

She said that I think I am always right, does she not think the same?

She said I could never understand her because I’ve got a husband, a soul mate to lean on. Does that make me lesser of a person to understand how others feel?

She said she wanted to know what is wrong with her, yet she denied everything that I pointed out to her.

Again, it’s my fault for getting angry with her when she was in a bad mood, ’cause I could never understand.

I cried on a shoulder and she cried on a pillow alone, that always makes me the fortunate one and she the unfortunate one?

I feel like swearing. I could swear in all the languages that  I know right now.

I’ve earned every little thing that I have today. I face my own problems and I solve them all beautifully. I earn my respect from others by doing what is required of me.

Now, I am confused, once again. Am I such a bad person? Do I always think that I am right? Can someone tell me honestly?

I gotta ask Andrew, he is the only person who wouldn’t lie to me.


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