Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

How are you? How’s everything?- Make me wonder #28 of #200 (via May’s Closet)

It’s blog surfing week. I’ve been reading other bloggers’ since last night, and yes, I’ll be doing this “Blog Surfing Week” every month from now on. A blogger reads, and a good blogger reads other blogs too.

Got this off from a friend’s blog, very intriguing indeed. Couldn’t agree more.

I too, avoid asking people “how are you”. If it’s a close friend, there isn’t a need to ask that. If it’s acquaintance, it seems lame to ask that. A hi-nice-to-see-you-again and keep-in-touch will do just fine.

Thanks May, for sharing such a wonderful insight. :)

 Don’t you just hate it that when you meet someone on the street, or in the mall, or at the book store, or some coffee shop, someone whom you’ve not met in quite a while, sometimes for a couple of years, and you both will automatically flashed on a fake smile and utter – “HEY! How are you? How’s everything?”  Yes yes yes…. I know.. it’s just manners and we all try to do it (I consciously try not to actually). But seriously… think about it… what d … Read More

via May's Closet


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