Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

See It, Differently

I’ve some friends posted this short film on FB, I did not bother to watch it although I saw people commented how touching it is. Why? Because I was lazy. Yep, despite the fact that I stay up late everyday, I was lazy to click and watch it.

Until last night, someone posted it again. Finally, I decided to click that “Play” button.

An old blind man, sitting on the sidewalk, with a cardboard beside him. The cardboard reads, “I’M BLIND. PLEASE HELP”. Of course, there are passerby who are kind enough to drop a coin or two. There are also those who did not even bother. A lady came, walked right past the man. She then stopped, turned around and  write something on the cardboard. Then, every passerby starts dropping coins whenever they walked right past the man. Every one of them.

When the camera zoomed to reveal what the lady has written on the cardboard, my tears came right away. I don’t know why but I just got so emotional!

Just a different way of expressing and suddenly everything changes. The world just got better and life seems hopeful. We must really change the way we think.

Now, go get tear up with it. :)

P.S: This is actually a short film by RedSnappa.


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