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Fin That Matters

I wouldn’t be the first one to blog about this. Just would like to bring the awareness to our society.

I too, have eaten shark fin soup, in many of the wedding banquets that I’ve attended. Sad to say, I had shark fin soup in my own wedding banquet too. Back then, I’ve tried to make my family understand that it is not a MUST to have shark fin soup in the dinner menu, there are so many other delicious soup that we could substitute it with. However, they were afraid relatives and friends would perceive us as petty and stingy for not having shark fin soup.

In some restaurants, they may use other fish fin, trying to cheat their customers. I took comfort in it, knowing that I wasn’t eating the real shark fin. Hence, I did not kill the shark indirectly. So, I could feel a little less guilty. That is so, so, so self-deceiving and self-comforting.

Saw some photos about a baby whale’s fins were being cut off and left alone to die a slow death near a beach. Some tourists saw it and knowing that there is no way it could survive, instead of letting it die slowly, they pushed the baby whale on to the shore so that it could die faster. They then called the local authority to report such incident.

That, got me start looking for shark finning documentary, and I found this amazing one. Sharkwater, filmed by the talented Rob Stewart.

You can watch the full movie here on YouTube.

The Chinese, may argue that it is their tradition to eat shark fin, just like it is the Japanese tradition to eat whale meat. So, it is like saying we are sacrificing our children’s rights to know about these wonderful creatures in order to keep our traditions alive.

It is a very controversial topic. Everyone has their point of view from the other side.

However, all I’m gonna say now is, I’ll stop eating shark fin soup. Sometimes people say, ignorance is a bliss. I guess there’s some truth in it. Because right after seeing all those documentary, I couldn’t bring myself to eat it anymore. Some may argue that chicken and cows that are killed to feed us human is cruel too. Yes, it is, but at least they’re killed quickly and not being left alone to die without their limbs. Go ahead and say that I’m a hypocrite, ’cause I do eat other meat too.


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