Ideas. At Work. #3

Kitchen! I would love to have a spacious and well-organised kitchen. I’ve seen my mom and mom-in-law suffering in such a small kitchen, I told myself I would at least want a simple but comfortable kitchen.

I’m a very simple and modern person. Those European or English style kitchen may look all glamor and fantastic, but I do not like them. To me, they’re too complicated for a small lady like me. Hahahaha…… I do not fancy those dark timber kitchen, they look too heavy to me, I’ll feel suffocating in it. LOL. Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit here. :P

Since the kitchen in the new house is of open concept, I thought I could have more ideas, but that is so wrong. Open concept meaning oily smoke will be flying all over the places! *Faints* That will leave your sofa, furnitures, carpets, curtains, all smell like they’ve just been cooked. :( Now I’m struggling with the design and all that. With a very inflexible budget, I am seriously struggling.

Not a bad idea, but don’t like the color of beech.

Love the wall cabinet, but it’s clear glass, you gotta make sure the stuff inside is always tidy! Sien lor……

This is something I like. So sleek and clean and simple! No fuss.

Very likely I’ll do something like this. (Got this photo from Golden Carpentry)

Somehow, I like metal/steel sink/counter top. However, looks very “cold” and overly hotel-ish.

Okay, back to work now. :|

4 thoughts on “Ideas. At Work. #3”

    1. Yalor, saw that kind of design in Ikea too. But too bad the metal sink they only have 1 sink, not 2. If not, I think I would buy it for the kitchen. Main reason I like metal for kitchen is, easy to maintain, wash, scratch, detergent, hot water or what also don’t have to worry. Muahahahaha…. If at all dented, also not so ugly like those wooden type. Kakakaka.

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