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Poco Homemade

2 weeks ago, thought of bringing Andrew to Poco Homemade on a Saturday. Well, I will bring him, he will have to drive. :P Also, I missed Poco’s desserts! Coincidently, Andrew’s cousin has gotten straight A’s in her SPM and Andrew wanted to give her a treat. So, we went with his aunt and another 2 cousins. The more the merrier, and I could order more desserts to share. Kakakakaka…… *Evil’s grin*

I must say Poco’s menu is rather limited. It is more of Japanese style home-cooked food, nothing as fancy as those you could get in a restaurant. There is soba/udon soup, chicken/fish katsu chop, unagi rice, curry rice, miso soup and some simple appetizers or side dishes. If you are expecting a wide range of Japanese food that you could usually get in a Japanese restaurant, you will be disappointed. Poco Homemade emphasized on homemade and home-cooked. However, desserts in Poco are extremely delicious. That kind of make it up to the limited food and drinks menu. Don’t get me wrong, although the food is pretty much of homemade style, they’re still very delicious. Healthier too.

Stepped into Poco for second time, noticed some changes.


This map is there all the time, Andrew saw it and gasped, “Not easy to make this!”


The creative “Reserved” sign.



I wonder where they got this antique sewing machine! Same with the one that my mom has! But mom’s still operational.


More handmade stuff for sale.


Now they have something to hide their working from plain view. Poco sells clothes, they ain’t cheap though. RM158 at least for one blouse! BAH!


No more Christmasy wall stickers on the wall, the paintings are up.



Chicken Katsu Chop, RM16.80.


Chicken Katsu Set with Curry & Miso Soup, RM14.80.


Japanese Seafood Pancake, RM13.80. This is nice, tastes a bit like Takoyaki. :)


Rum Mascarpone, RM12, my favorite!


Greet Tea Pudding with Red Beans, RM4, very refreshing, must try!


This is new! White Chocolate Semifreddo, RM12. Sorry that I do not like this. The white chocolate is fine, but the vinegar syrup that goes with it… Erm, it tastes weird to me, but Andrew’s aunt liked it.


They even got creative with the receipt! Cute.

Total bill for 5 persons, RM130.80. It is expensive compared with other cafe. The dessert is well worth the money though.

Will I come back again? Certainly, YES. :)

P.S. : Pardon me on the photos’ quality, those were from my handphone. Hahahaha.


2 responses

  1. I like the concept of the place! The Rum Mascarpone looks unique. Like a jar of honey. not forgetting ‘winnie the pooh’ holding it =p

    April 22, 2011 at 10:52 AM

    • Ashley

      That mascarpone mmg very nice leh mel mel. Next time got chance I bring you there :D

      April 22, 2011 at 12:14 PM

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