Shoes – LuiLui

LuiLui is a local brand, founded in year 2010. A friend of mine, Angie is a big fan of it for reason that I prefer not to broadcast here. :)

LuiLui is only available in Isetan stores in Malaysia. Prices ranging from RM79 to RM200 in circa.

Early this year, bought 2 pairs of LuiLui high heels and I must say they worth every penny.

This pair of colorful heels, I wear it in the office, every day for the past 2 months. Guess what? It does not give me any cramps or pain or blister. It is so comfortable to wear! I was surprised. Never thought that I could manage a 3.5-inch heels all day long and still enjoy and love walking in it. Even the Fiorucci 1.5-inch shoe is not as comfortable as this! Plus, it’s pretty! I’ve received so many compliments from colleagues and friends. Just recently my CEO saw and commented, “nice shoes, Ashley!” :D

Finally, a pair of good-looking heels that I could wear all day and not letting it wears me out. :) Thumbs up to LuiLui. So, who said Made in Malaysian is always bad? :P



Still have another pair of 4-inch black heels lying in the box though. Hahahahaha……

2 thoughts on “Shoes – LuiLui”

  1. I got so emo this morning coz the pair of shoe I got yesterday gave me blister this morning. All my shoes is kind of breaking down one by one and so depressed cannot find a right pair that look stunning and comfortable. Then I went to Isetan and saw LuiLui. I remember your post and then I tried it on! OMFG its so comfortable like you said and I bought a pair. I’m rather happy now!

    Besides.. wanna to share with you got this shoe brand ‘Opera’ they have store in Farenheit and One Utama. Their Killer high heels super high ones are very comfortable too, some of their shoes made in HK you may want to check it out. I have 2 pairs of their shoes but cannot wear everyday coz knee pain wear too high. I scare pok gai!

    Thanks for sharing LuiLui anyway

    1. Ya, I know how it feels when you spent a good fortune for a good pair of shoes and thinking u’ve got the best but end up caused u more pain!

      LuiLui is nice leh. :D Last week I wore to a seminar, then went shopping, wearing it whole day, did not even feel pain, just tired only. Worth to invest. :) Glad that you found your love. Hahahaha.

      Ok, I’ll check out the one u mentioned. But I cannot wear heels too high and too often oso, my ankle and feet will hurt bcos I got duck feet – low arch at the feet there. :(

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