Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

The Y! Buddy. Or G?

These 3 big things, I’m sure you will have at least one account with either one of them at some point of time. Yahoo! Hotmail, and GMail.

Yahoo! was huge in the late 90’s. Everyone has an Yahoo! account back then. Me, I guess I could call myself one of the early ones to register an Yahoo! account, because I could still have my full name as my ID. I am often being thrown this question, “whoa! Ashley! You have a nice email address there and I wonder how you got it!” :) Well, I got it since I was 19, 12 years ago, when internet was just booming and no one knew Wikipedia would be the next big thing. :)

Yahoo! Chat was my life back in 1999. Got to know a bunch of online friends through Yahoo! Chat. Those were the good ol’ days…… And I miss those days.

Then, came the MSN and Hotmail. I registered for a Hotmail account just to get to chat on MSN. I do not check my emails in Hotmail, it serves merely as an MSN ID. I once joked with my friends, do not send any life-saving or SOS messages to my Hotmail, by the time I know about it, you could well be dead and buried. :D

And the era of GMail came. I was late, ’cause I couldn’t get a GMail address the same as my Yahoo! email address. Since the email address is so “ugly”, I do not even bother to tell people I have a GMail. Now GMail serves as an alternate email for any general or public purposes, like publishing it on my blog as a contact. Friends who are close to me, would know that they should get in touch with me in Yahoo!, not GMail. :)

I once ditched Yahoo! for a short period of time. No chat, no Y! Messenger, no Y! emails. Was on MSN 24/7 and there wasn’t any need to communicate through my Yahoo! email as I was using company’s email. Until I had a career change and I started to reconnect with my Yahoo! That is when I realised, I love Yahoo! and I could never ditch it again.

Perhaps Yahoo! is the very first account I have, it means something to me. It is personal. Subconsciously, I resist to use GMail as my primary email. Even when people told me Yahoo! was too rigid and inflexible, Yahoo! was slow, Yahoo! had smaller inbox space, Yahoo! has so many spam…… I chose to stay. Everyone needs time to improve. True enough, Yahoo! has improved, a lot. Now, people are telling me that Yahoo! is so sensitive that even an innocent email from a friend got thrown to spam box. Well, you can’t get the best thing of both worlds.

The usual glitches in Yahoo! didn’t really bother me. MSN has glitches and bugs too.

So, yep, I still prefer Yahoo! over any other brands. :) I am loyal, to Yahoo!


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