Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

What Do You Believe?

Another creepy movie of Anthony Hopkins.

I am not a big time fan of Hopkins, but undeniably, he is a very talented and remarkable actor. I’ve watched none of his Hannibal series except one, Red Dragon. That was also by chance I watched it, with my dad. A pretty disturbing movie I’d say. Until now I still couldn’t get rid of Ralph Fiennes’ tattooed body from my mind. Hopkins was more of a supporting role in Red Dragon though.

The Rite, all about exorcism in the modern days. The movie is surrounding Michael Kovak (played by Colin O’Donoghue) who did not believe in demon or God and finally found his faith through Father Lucas (Anthony Hopkins) by performing exorcism on his own.

From the movie, I ponder, we sometimes see things from our point of view, what if those are the things that the devil shows us just to deceive us? How could one know if we are deceived? Perhaps, just perhaps, this whole world is a deception. Devil or not, demon or god, what if all that we see now, is nothing but an illusion? Ahh…… Just the thought of it is enough to make me feel eerie. Ish……

The Rite, was a teeny bit boring in the middle. There isn’t too much of horror, but the story is enough to keep me going with it. The ending is pretty predictable, the good/bright one always prevails.

Not a bad movie at all. I can see that the director is trying to do this movie in a very delicate way, not to offend anyone on either side of the line. Whether you’re a believer or non-believer, there’s no harm in watching The Rite. It is pretty entertaining in its own way, but be prepared for the boring part in the middle of the movie. :D Hats off to Anthony Hopkins.

Knowing that Andrew would fall asleep in the cinema if we were to watch it in the cinema. So, I was watching the movie alone, on PPS, Andrew went out for supper with his dad. During the last exorcism, towards the end of the movie, I actually paused it and waited for Andrew to come back! Hahahaha…… Too scary to watch alone in the room after midnight! To Andrew, his face was like “what is there to be scared about, it’s all fake.” Hahahahaha.

Love this particular line from Anthony Hopkins in the movie — “Choosing not to believe in devil will not protect you from him”. Scary, but somewhat true. It’s the same like choosing not to believe in death will not protect you from dying. Eventually, we all are going to die.


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