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The Cream & Fudge Factory Ice-Cream #2

Went to KLCC on Labour’s day with Andrew, to buy a present for his uncle. Weather was hot, KLCC was so packed with people, it was warm inside even with the air-con. So I told Andrew let’s try The Cream & Fudge Factory Ice-Cream in KLCC.

It is located on 2nd floor right in front of ModernMum and MotherClub. The moment I reached there, the main difference from the one in Fahrenheit 88 is, more crowds. Also, you don’t get to be seated and served by the waiters, you have to stand by the counter, queuing for your turn for the waitress to take your order! Unlike the one in Fahrenheit 88, we were seated comfortably, browsing through the menu then only went to the counter to order and pay. In KLCC, I was standing there, waiting for a menu for like 3 minutes. Then I got impatient and I just went to the front of the counter and grabbed one menu. It was so warm, and I must admit I get impatient quickly when it’s warm or hot! Andrew and I was deciding which one to order, then this waitress came to us wanting to take our order.

Told her I want the Mango ice-cream with waffle. She told me it has to add RM1 for the waffle. Fine, I get that, just give me waffle. Then, she went on to explain the cup, asking me if I want a cup. I was like, I want ice-cream on top of the waffle. She again, saying the cup is free and if I would like the cup. I was so confused with all her questions and explanations and I got so annoyed and pissed. I asked her, “how am I supposed to eat without the cup???” She said the cup is free, all ice-cream comes with the free cup. So? What is the problem here???????? Add RM1 for the waffle and yeah I know that! It was so bloody hot and I felt so warm already and yet this lady was taking all the time in the world to piss me off further! I’m sorry that I got so pissed off and annoyed and I went on to tell her that “I don’t care how much it is, I can pay and will you just take my order?!”

ARGH!!! One same ice-cream cafeteria but 2 different experience!!! Gosh…… I know I sounded a bit harsh there, but I just couldn’t take it. Why the hell did she need to go on to confuse me with the RM1 waffle and the free cup??????? Geez.

Guess what, she was talking to me in English but half way through she changed to Mandarin as if I couldn’t understand English! That made me more pissed. I purposely responded to her in English and talked to Andrew in Mandarin! Yeah, try to piss me off and you’ll get the nicest things from me!

 Anyway, after the order, I did say “thank-you” to her. Yeah, thanks to her confusing explanation that led to my anger that led to my unfriendly remarks to her. FO!

The ice-cream came, so disappointed. Went through all the drama just to get this pile of disappointing melting ice-cream. RM13.90 for a scoop with the toppings? Not worth it at all!!! No more Cream & Fudge for me.

Rock Road. The chocolate ice-cream taste just like any other normal chocolate ice-cream that you can get from any supermarket. Nothing to shout about. It is so forgettable.

Can’t remember its full name, only know that it starts with Mango. The mango ice-cream is pretty bland, there is mango fruit in the ice-cream, but they don’t taste like mango to me. It is also not as rich as the mango ice-cream of NZ natural. The cream on top, yucks, I wish they could replace it with something else!

The whole Cream & Fudge Factory experience, wasn’t a good one. Imagine I spent RM27.80 for 2 cups of slightly above average ice-cream. Disappointed to the max man! Sigh. Money wasted, lesson learned though!


3 responses

  1. Ash…perhaps you should watch this clip.

    the situation is quite similar to urs lo…hhahah

    May 5, 2011 at 3:30 PM

    • Ashley

      LMAO!!! Laugh die me!! Really kek die lor!!!! aiyooo…. so funny leh… i cannot stop laughing……
      Luckily that waitress didn’t do that to me, if not sure I flip table liao! hahahahahaha……
      She was like, “u want cup or waffle….. waffle add RM1…… then u want the cup??? cup is free…… waffle in the cup lor…… cup is free…… RM1 for waffle……”
      Walau……….. Until I was so confused also…… @__@

      May 5, 2011 at 3:48 PM

  2. Wan Yi

    Yoh!!! So funny le.. Haha… Mcdull!!!!! Still got alot others very funny de…

    May 9, 2011 at 10:43 PM

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