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Incase For iPad

Having such a high-tech gadget in your hands, spent so much of money and the urge to protect it from scratches and cracks, especially for a fussy pot like me who likes everything in its original sleekly state, I was hunting for a case/cover for my new toy.

Bought a leather book jacket for the first iPad and it cost RM229! My parents were saying that I am crazy, but hey, will you want to spend that RM229 or will you want to get your two-thousand-ringgit iPad scratched? Plus, iPad is so sleek and there isn’t anything to grip on or to make it stand, having a cover/jacket was the most sensible thing to do. Okay, sorry, I guess my parents aren’t going to understand the sensible-thing-to-do-with-that-ipad. Hahaha.

Not much choices for iPad2. Either you get the smart cover which leaves the back of your iPad2 bare! Or go for the leather jacket which cost a bomb!!! The price has increased! The leather jacket for iPad2 similar to the one I bought earlier for my nephew, is now without the Velcro strip and there is only 3 standing angles, needs RM259!!! DUH! RM30 more but lesser stuff and thinner leather?????? What the heck…… Was wandering in Machines outlet for half an hour and still couldn’t decide which cover to buy! Okay, forget it. I ain’t gonna get any cover for the time being.

Surprisingly, just when you aren’t looking so hard, something came out of nowhere and saved your day!

Saw this Incase Nylon Sleeve with Handles in Isetan!!! Hmm…… Why is everything having that “I” thingy? “I”setan is selling “I”ncase bags for “i”Pad. See, you get what I mean?

I told Andrew, this is it, I gotta have this bag!!! RM249, was lucky that there was this 20% discount thingy on Labour Day. After discount, RM199.20. To me, it is so much better than those leather jackets. The bag with the handles which means I can carry it instead of squeezing it into my handbag (which means I have to carry bigger handbag), the faux-fur lining protects the screen of my iPad and the weather resistant nylon is thick enough to provide better protection. I love the handles, you can also tuck them back into the pocket. Also, there is a pocket at the back where you can keep your accessories! And, it comes with a simple stand for the iPad! It is so cool!

However, when I take my iPad out from the bag, it is still bare and no grip. :( Sigh. Anyway, right now I am still happy that I got this Incase bag. At the very least, it is now not so troublesome for me to bring my iPad out. :)

Incase has so many products for the Apple stuff! Good news is, they ship international! Guess I’ll be an Incase customer from now on.

The stand that comes with the bag.


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