It’s The i In Small Caps

This, isn’t my first iPad. It’s my second, in ONE year!!! Hahaha. Bought an iPad for nephew for his excellent results in PMR and UPSR. I promised him a gift since he was 12. Now he’s 16 and got straight A’s in his PMR, how could I delay again. Glad that he likes it and hope he could put it to good use.

I was having the iPad for myself for a month before I brought it home to my nephew. Having tasted the sweetness of iPad, it was so tough to let go! Seriously, you would not miss it if you don’t have it. Once you have it, you can’t live without it, and you’ll be wanting more. Go ask any Apple users, they will tell you the same thing!

After handing the sweet iPad to my nephew, my life suddenly became so dull and boring. I didn’t find the need to on my laptop whenever I got home from work. It was never boring again when I stuck in the traffic jam (Andrew was driving of course). When it is gone, gosh…… I never thought iPad could change so much of my life. I’m hooked! Ever since then, I have been keeping track of iPad2 news! When was it going to be released in Malaysia, or perhaps HK and Singapore. I was counting down everyday!!! With another iPad2 enthusiast! Hahahaha. We constantly update each other on the iPad2 news!

When the rumors came, I had my doubts. The day after, it was 70% affirmative that iPad2 was going to launch on that Friday. 3rd day, another friend confirmed that it was true. All of a sudden, we were so excited and thrilled!!! With some help from “some” friend, I managed to get one without going through much agony!!!

Gosh, I was so happy when I paid for it. Hahaha. Finally, I could bring it home with me!!! After I’ve lost my iPhone, I’ve been missing those Apple “juice” madly! Geez…… Finally!!! YAY! Hahahaha……

It was fun too, to have gone through the experience of getting something with a big crowd. It was even more excited to see everyone having the same purpose and interest and passion!

All the iPad fanatics, I salute you! Apple rulez!!!!!! :D

An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away. :D

It’s the Pad with an I. :)



P.S.: A big thank you to my friends, who helped me in getting the much sought-after toy in today’s world. :)

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