Hidden Objects Mania

I’m not sure why, but I love hidden objects games. I used to download Yahoo! Games, or bought from the PC shop on all those PC games. Andrew too is wondering why I love them so much. Hahaha. Then, I stopped playing for a while.

When I had my iPhone, I didn’t download many of them, ’cause the screen is too small and too painful for me to look for those hidden objects. Now I have my iPad, with its retina display screen, how could I miss out all those fun anymore? :)

I’ve been downloading a lot of them!!! Most of them are from Big Fish games. Bought a few of them when there was a sale for Mother’s Day, $0.99 each. Drawn: The Painted Tower, Awakening: The Dreamless Castle, Empress of the Deep: The Darkest Secret and Hidden Expedition: Amazon. Drawn remains to be my favorite. It has the best graphic and interactions. Hidden Expedition is not too bad as well.

Here’s the hidden objects games that I downloaded. Most of them are free trial version, to purchase the full version usually costs $2.99 and above. :( A bit too costly for me. I’d rather wait for the iPad jailbreak.



7 thoughts on “Hidden Objects Mania”

  1. Wah… I’m also playing those games… Haha.. But all dun let me continue Liao.. Need to buy.. Haha.. Hope the jailbreak quick quick out.. Then we can play the full version.. Keke.

    1. I bought quite a few ler leh….. hahahaha…. I don’t think jailbreak will be so soon ler…… Apple keeps having new iOS. :(

    1. I see…… that time I bought got sale neh, $0.99, so I bought a few lor. Now so expensive, cannot buy liao. LOL!

  2. Haha.. Me cheap cheap pray that jailbreak will be out soon.. Keke.. Girls, install pplive.. Can watch movies n dramas and alot more.. Keke..

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