The Culprit

Sorry for the lack of updates here. Life’s been busy, been travelling between 3 states for the past 2 weeks. Tired.

As you may now know, I have a new toy, my iPad2. Now, you can blame all you want on my iPad2. Hahahaha. The only thing that occupies most of my time now. I hardly on my laptop when I’m at home (poor lappie).

Some people wonder, what is so good with iPad that everyone (almost everyone) wants to have one. Trust me, you will never know its magic until you personally touch one! Play around with it for 5 minutes, and you will know what I mean.

One could live without iPad if one has not experienced it, but one could never live without it when one has it. Go ask any iDevices users, they will tell you the same thing. I’ve heard people being so skeptical about iDevices, yet they couldn’t resist the temptation of the “i” and ended up owner of an iDevice too. :)

Yes, yes, I could blog from my iPad too, but I was just not in the mood for blogging. :p Perhaps my life is getting boring with the iPad now back in my life? Hahahahaha. Perhaps, just perhaps.

iPad is just like a little library on the go, you can store so much of information inside and easily access to it wherever you go. Speaking of gaming, nothing beats the App Store. The gaming experience on iPad is so overwhelming. There is still so much more that you can do with the iPad.

Other than that, recently I’ve been keeping my eyes on this Facebook page and blog, iPad Malaysia Labs. They are providing information on the iPad which is pretty accurate and reliable. No nonsense and untrue rumors. They are so helpful in answering any dummy questions about the iPad. There are some fun activities to keep the readers/fans entertained too. :)

I usually bring my iPad everywhere I go, except if I know it’s gonna be a day out with no time to sit and relax. I even bring it to work everyday, not that I can use it when I’m at work, but the feeling of it is there when I need it somehow makes me feel comfortable. :) Yeah, I’ve come to a point that I can’t live without my iPad. My best companion of all time.

The main culprit that takes up most of my time –> my lovely sweet iPad2. :) I shall officially name it Sooshi. :D


Sooshi with my favorite Bleach wallpaper :D

5 thoughts on “The Culprit”

    1. LOL! I’m a fan of Bleach eh, now stopped at episode 207, wanting to wait till it finishes only continue, if not stopping half way again, tak shiok lah. Hahahahaha.

  1. Haha…If wanna watch must watch till the end then baru syok hor…Last time when I free I can stick at the tv n watch my TVB drama….Non stop…Till finish everything…Yet still eat n bath la…Lol…Addicted to watching….:@

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