Kiki Taiwan Cuisine, Again.

It’s movie day! Went to watch Pirates of Caribbean and it was almost 3pm when it finished. Went to Kinokuniya to buy some books. Gosh, couldn’t believe that were there for 1 hour! 4pm, lunch time. I had KiKi in my mind. :D


Surprisingly, when all other restaurants were crowded, KiKi does not have much crowds. I wonder why. Not that the food is bad.


This time, Andrew tried the Chicken with Sweet & Sour Sauce (set meal), RM19.80. Very nice! I like it a lot as well.


And I, wanted to have beef but something different from what I had the last time, chosen Dry Udon with Sliced Beef (set meal), RM19.80. It is nice too! The beef is so tender and juicy!


No, this is not a dish. LOL. Random photo of me :D

One meal, RM59.85 in total. Pretty expensive huh. Well, it’s still fine for once in a blue moon, definitely not going to be my every week splurge.

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