Silicone Back Case for iPad 2

We went to the new section in KLCC where all the electronic stores are, and I spotted this iPad2 silicone back case! It is only RM39.90! Of course I grabbed it without any further thoughts. Hahaha. It comes with a few colors, and I chose the most striking of all, orange. :D

Was still worrying if the case would be too small to fit as it looks pretty slim and small. Luckily, it fits nicely and firmly onto the iPad 2.

Love the back case as the front still looks pretty much bare but the back is fully protected. Actually I did not intend to get any protection case for my iPad, just leave it bare as it is. Since this is cheap, why not then. Happy! :)

Don’t ask me what brand it is. No brand. LOL. There is this new electronic store in KLCC, level 3, next to Sony Wing, it’s called Challenger. I only saw it on the way out of the store. Hahaha.


The front. Pretty much bare with only the orange frame visible.

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