Inspirational ME Back On Track

Finally, my inspirational and intellectual ME is back. The mood to blog and write was just down the end of the tunnel and I’ve finally reached the end and saw the light. :)

I’ve been blogging, even got my posts scheduled all the way to 2 or 3 days ahead. Nope, I’m not blogging nonsense. At least I do not think so. Well, if you do not like my blog, everything about me here would be nonsense then. So, they make sense or not, depends on you LIKE me or not. ;) Don’t like? No worries, I ain’t gonna force you to read. It’s just a click away to close the browser. LOL.

New books are piling up higher and higher, and I have no motivation to read them. Why? The weather is just too hot for me to lie on the bed and chill. Spend most of my weekends in the shopping mall, for the air-con! Work late pretty often because Andrew works late too.

So, where do I get my inspirations from? News, magazines, newspapers, blogs, Facebook pages, dramas, movies…… Also, keeping in touch with friends.

I am very happy, recently. Take note of the keyword here, VERY. I am a happy person, but recently I feel very happy. I can’t put a reason to it. Perhaps I now see things from a different perspective? My happy-go-lucky nature has taken to the next level? Beats me. I do get pissed off at times, but I could shrug it off almost instantly with a joke! I was in shock for a moment when I realized that I joked with one incident at work. Weird. Where is this happy-mood coming from? *Edit: Wrote this before the car accident took place. I am still happy, but not as ecstasy as before.*

Seeing the usual blogger Ashley, makes me even happier. :D WEEEEEE! I am happy!!! Hope it lasts as long as forever!

Taken in Kuala Terengganu, 30 August 2010. *My legs look so lean and long here!*

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