iPad Apps Review. Awakening: The Dreamless Castle

Awakening: The Dreamless Castle, is another hidden object and puzzle-solving game from Big Fish Games.

I bought this during Mother’s Day too, at US$0.99. What a steal, now it is again on special discount, at $4.99. I wouldn’t buy it, $4.99 is overpriced.

The Dreamless Castle is a beautiful game as well. Although the graphic is not as detailed and vibrant as Drawn: The Painted Tower, it still has beautiful graphics. At some point, the puzzles are a little too tough to solve or sometimes the items are difficult to find. Took me quite a while to accomplish certain tasks and I even got a tad frustrated with the unclear clue or hint. A lot of times when I clicked the Faerie for a hint, she would just go to sleep and I had to wait again and she did not provide any hint. That’s the frustrating part. Also, some of the mini games are of same nature but different scenes, so they sometimes get pretty boring too. Some puzzles are really great and interesting though.

I love the Goblinjong a lot. After you complete the game, you unlock the Goblinjong in the Main Menu that you get to play for unlimited times. :)

The story, is a bit too old-fashioned I’d say. Princess woke up from her 100 years of sleep, on a journey to find her parents and other human, with the help of fairies and all that……

I’ve played Drawn: The Painted Tower, I must say Drawn still has the best graphics and interactive puzzles. The puzzles in Drawn are never repeated. My $0.99 on Drawn is definitely well worth it.

As for Awakening, it is a good game if it is still at $0.99 or maybe $1.99. With $4.99, you could get some other better game than this. Now, you get my hint. :)

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