Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Dairy Products Off from Daily Diet

You may already know, I am suffering from skin rashes for more than half a year. Couldn’t really figure out the reason and cause of it, sort of resorted to the dry skin disorder.

Being a person who rarely has a skin problem, the rashes freaked me out. Fearing that some major problem could just break out any minute if I did not take good care of it. Everyday I applied rich and creamy body lotion frantically, in the hope that the condition would improve. Nah, it did not!

Back on medication last month. I hate those medications because they make me put on weight and rounded my face! Anyway, doctor told me affirmatively that I must be allergic to something, not dry skin. BAH! It is definitely not seafood, nor chicken, nor alcohol, nor beef, nor pork…… What else eh? Doctor asked me to stop one particular food at one time and from there, filter off all the possibilities. He said it could be dairy products, nuts or oats. Ahhhh…… Okay, I’d try to figure it out, but dairy products? Oh c’mon, dairy products are one thing that is so commonly consumed in our daily lives. If I were to be allergic to them…… Gosh, just the thought of it already makes me felt miserable.

I am a coffee drinker/lover, every morning I have to have one cup of coffee. It is a MUST to start my day. Sometimes, I’ll have another one in the afternoon too. So, to see if I’m allergic to dairy products, I only take black coffee with sugar. No milk, no condenser, no “Coffee-mate”! Shoot! It just doesn’t taste as good as the coffee with Coffee-mate. Sigh.

I too, love chocolate! And now I have to stop eating chocolate too? For goodness’ sake!

Ice-cream is also my not-to-be-missed craving whenever I go shopping or out with friends. Geez……

All other dairy things, butter cookies, cheese cake, and any other things that have dairy in it, I have to stop. :(

Now, do you see how miserable I am?

Worse, when I stop taking dairy products, my rashes stop too! Great! I am now officially allergic to dairy products. TT__TT

For the past 30 years, why do I have allergic now???? Why now???? Not in a million years I would have thought I could be allergic to dairy products.

They’re all my favorite, and I have to stop taking them. That is so sad, you know. For the betterment of my skin, I just gotta stop. :(

When my skin is healthy, I’ll steal the chance. Of course, what I’ll get is the irritating itchiness at the end of the day. Hahaha. I’ll just have to live with it now. Sigh.


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