iPad Apps Review. Infinity Blade.

A lot of people on the iPad Malaysia Labs recommended Infinity Blade, by ChAIR. Claiming that it has the best graphic and it is fun.

A little bit history of my gaming self. I was into RPG games, a lot, when I was in secondary school and college. I’ve played Final Fantasy VII, VIII, X and a few other RPG which I can’t recall. I was so good at them. However, I stopped playing when I stepped into college. Tried picking it up few years back when I gotten my PS2, but I realised that RPG bores me now. The repetitive fighting scenes, walking, looking for something constantly, are just not my thing anymore. My repertoire is now on finding hidden objects and solving puzzles. Hahaha.

So, I wasn’t so keen on this Infinity Blade. However, people were all talking about how great the graphic is and how interesting and exciting it is, that psycho-ed me into purchasing it! Luckily, it was on sale, $2.99 (Appx RM9). This is by far the most expensive app I’ve ever purchased from iTunes! -__- It now is $5.99.

The 3D graphic, no doubt, very fine and high quality! The whooping of sword looks just so cool! Sound effect is good too. Hell lots of weapons and armors and it is fun to slash away at those monsters and enemies. Two nights after I purchased it, I managed to kill the so-called God King (Level 50). That’s where I got confused. After defeating the God King, the game started all over again from the beginning of castle as a new bloodline. WHAT?! When I reached the God King again, it is the same God King but at a higher level of 100! DUH! Don’t tell me the game is just about killing monsters in the same castle over and over again???!!!

SHOOT! Damn! I felt cheated! Argh! Who to blame? No one except myself, for listening to others easily.

It is fun to play but repeating the whole thing again and again is just, too boring for me. Those who have played Infinity Blade told me I have to keep defeating the God King, earn more money to buy more shining weapons and armors and then unlock the dungeon in the castle to defeat yet another 3 KINGS at level 50, 100 and 150 respectively! Then, there’s another one at level 200 and right after you defeat him, there’s another knight! But the knight is easy.

Been playing it for the past 3 weeks, and I got frustrated and bored killing the God King. The endless fingers-swiping on the screen and slashing the same old enemies all the time…… Bummer. :( I stopped playing since last week. LOL!

Updated 18/06/2011: I, finally managed to defeat all of them last night. Wuahahaha. That is the end of the game, you get to choose to start another new bloodline, or to start the game all over again. I was conned by the explanation that “start new game and you’ll be able to keep your level now and excel even further”. I started a new game, but damn! All the weapons and armors I bought were gone! All back to zero except the level! TT__TT If you do not want that to happen, you might just want to start a new bloodline and buy new weapons to level up.

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