Monsters, Inc.


Hahahaha…… Monsters, Inc., the one and only movie that I can watch over and over again without feeling bored. :D Few years ago, I went to a video store just to buy its original DVD. I once asked Andrew to convert the DVD into iPhone compatible format so that I could watch it whenever and wherever I want. When it was on the local TV, I’d watch it again. How many times I’ve watched it? I have no idea! 10 times? Maybe. :D

So, why do I love Monsters, Inc. so much? Boo is cute, Sullivan is cute, Mike is hilarious, the story-line is something new, the graphic is so pretty and “alive”, and the underlying message is just so meaningful. Need me to say more?

There’s a particular scene that I would always laugh out loud no matter how many times I’ve seen it. Sully, lost Boo while running away from the evil Randall. When Sully found Boo’s eye in a garbage dump, he thought Boo was in there. He then watched the pile of garbage, which he thought Boo was in it, being sent through a conveyor belt and repeatedly crushed by the machines, his expressions are so freaking funny I tell ya!!! Even right now I am all smiling recalling that scene! Hahaha. Andrew, just couldn’t take it every time I laugh so hard at that scene, “you’ve seen it so many times and you can still laugh???” LOL. He just doesn’t get it. :P

When Mike making funny faces or doing those idiotic actions, it is hilarious too. How can I not laugh? Ya ya, I’ve seen it so many times, but they’re still funny.

The message that I got from the movie, everything is just like a piece of coin, it all has 2 sides. It depends on which side you choose to see. That makes the world filled with people from both sides. We are lucky enough to have the freedom to choose, there are people out there who do not have that luxury to even choose their own destiny. I am glad that Andrew always sees the other side of the coin for me. Whenever I am seeing things from my side, he will tell me the different view from the other side. I am fortunate enough and grateful to get to see both sides of a story.

When we can obtain better outcome from another way (collecting laughter from children), why are we insisting on doing what we do now (collecting screams from children)? If only someone could point that out to us every time, we could spend lesser time finding/seeing it.

Who said cartoon/animation is just for laughs? There’s so much it can tell you when you really open your eyes and “see”. :)

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  1. […] I love Monsters, Inc.! So, I would never miss a “monsters” sequel. Right after Monsters, Inc., I already know that they were making a sequel. Finally!!! I told Andrew that no matter what, I MUST watch! Hahahaha. However, this is not a sequel. It is a prequel to Monsters, Inc. Story about the monsters before they become the employees in Monsters, Inc. […]

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