Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Repost: Back in KL (via Fish Avenue)

I was reading my old blog posts…… Yes, I do that a lot. It’s fun to read the old posts and what I was thinking once upon a time.

In this particular post, almost 3 years ago, there’s this conversation between Andrew and I when his car boot was pried open by some stupid thief. I was laughing so hard again when I read the conversation. Some unlucky incident turned out to be a joke.

Gosh…… Reading the old posts does bring back some sweet memories. Also, those little spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, make me realised that I’ve come a long way and I indeed, have learned a lot over the years. :)

Had a busy weekend. As you know I was in Terengganu for the past few days. Didn't really enjoy the stay and time there. First, the weather was extremely hot. It has been raining every evening in KL, but in Kuala Terengganu, there was no rain. Not even a drop!!! I was basically sweating all the time, in the house, everywhere I go. The only time I wasn't sweating was when I stayed in Andrew's bedroom with both the air-conditioner and fan on. Been t … Read More

via Fish Avenue


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