Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Green “Reynolds” Lantern

10.45am. 18th June 2011. Saturday. Cloudy.

It’s weekend again. Third weekend of June, third movie of the month. Got ourselves 2 tickets for the price of one at TGV KLCC.

When Andrew and I first saw Green Lantern‘s trailer in the cinema, we were giggling at the name. Green Lantern! Sounds weird and it immediately reminded me of the Chinese red lanterns. :D Ryan Reynolds is in it! I must watch! MUST! However this Andrew wasn’t very keen. “Childish and weird”, he said! Goodness, that is Ryan Reynolds and how could he say it’s childish! Reynolds you know! *Drools* Okay, I forgot Andrew is a man, and men usually don’t get why we women go so ga-ga over some macho muscle-man. :D Ever since X-Men Origins: Wolverine, I just couldn’t get him out of my head. LOL! He has gotten so matured-looking over the years. I’ve seen a few episodes of Two Guys, A Girl and A Pizza Place, but couldn’t really remember what it was all about, that was history long ago! But I like Reynolds still. :D

I must say he is a fine actor too. Just couple of months ago I watched Buried, one of Reynolds’ latest movie, I must say he did extremely well in it. No other actors, he is the only cast in the movie, lying in a coffin buried underground. A very disturbing and depressing movie I’d say, but also a very well-thought and compelling story. Hats off to Reynolds and the director of Buried.

All right, back to Green Lantern. I’ve never seen its comic books, so I’m not sure about the story. It’s just that the trailer looks good and I believe the movie wouldn’t be bad.

I was bugging Andrew to watch it with me and since there’s no other movie that he could think of, he finally agreed! Geez…… You see, now it is so hard to ask him to go watch a movie that I like with me. Speaking of men change after married! HA! Tell me about it!

Oops, sorry for the little drama there. Ah, yes, Green Lantern, Ryan Reynolds. :) Reynolds did well, but this movie doesn’t require lot of acting skill in order to do well. Instead, it required a lot of imaginations for the cast to do well. Acting in an empty space with the people in CGI blue costume is not easy. You just gotta appreciate that part of the production.

There are some other big stars too, like Blake Lively of the famous Gossip Girls! She is just so hot and gorgeous! I’m not sure why, perhaps I’m used to seeing her on TV in Gossip Girls, I find it a teeny bit weird to see her on the big screen. And together with Reynolds, makes me feel even more weird. Hahaha. She was doing ok in Green Lantern, pretty forgettable except that she is Hal Jordan’s girlfriend.

For a moment, I thought I saw Ewan McGregor. Shoot, I’ve always mistaken him as McGregor! He is Peter Sarsgaard, of course not as charming as Ewan McGregor. :) I only remember him in 2 movies that I’ve seen, Flight Plan and Orphan. He played his bad-guy character so bloody well! It’s like he was born to be the “bad guy”. LOL. Oh, not forgetting Mark Strong who looks so cool in red as Sinestro! Too bad he didn’t make much appearances in the movie.

Also, those green suits are so cool!!! It’s just like their second skin on their body. Ooohhh… Reynolds’ body is so hot……

All in all, a very enjoyable superhero movie with some humors and action. I bet we would see more of Green Lantern in the future. Hopefully, they would keep Reynolds in it for as long as possible. :)

Somehow or rather, I find this line (below) from the movie to be, lame! Wuahahaahahahaha.

“Green is the color of WILL.” — Of all colors, it has to be green! LOL! I’m sorry, perhaps the comic writer loves green. :P


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