Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

Trump Unauthorized 2005

I watch local cable TV, more than enough for me to kill the time at nights or when I’m at home during weekends. I did not remember the timetable of all the channels, but recently, I made an effort to remember those interesting shows that I like. There’s one Chinese drama I’ve been chasing for few months, All Men Are Brothers. Now, I remember NCIS is on every Monday night, Desperate Housewives is on every Tuesday night, Malaysia Show Down 2011 on Wednesday night, Thursday is the movie night on TV3. There’s WipeOut and Oblivious tonight. :)

Last night, switched to TV3 and saw this movie, Trump Unauthorized. Old movie again oh…… Boring…… With no other shows to watch, I just stayed on it whilst playing game on the iPad half-heartedly.

Geez…… I should have guessed it when I saw the movie title, TRUMP! It’s a movie biography of the famous king of real estate in New York. The actor who portrayed Donald Trump, was Louis Ferreira, and he looked and talked so much like Donald Trump in the movie! Andrew thought so too, “especially his mouth”. Ferreira did very well in portraying Trump, I must say I felt like I was seeing the real but younger Donald Trump. Thumbs up to Ferreira. He must have studied Trump for some time for this movie.

As the movie went, I got more interested in it. I’m not sure if Donald Trump actually acts or behaves that way since he was young, there’s no way to verify that, but it is interesting to take a glimpse at how he did what he did to get to where he’s at today. What he’s been through and how he rose again from all the bad times, you just gotta salute his talent and unusual vision that no one else saw it but he himself. The disappointment was, the movie didn’t really tell us WHY Trump did what he did. There’s no way we could understand how his thinking is different from others and why he chose to do that instead of this. From the movie, I only saw that he was a brave young man who wanted to prove to the world that he could do the unthinkable and impossible. Perhaps the movie was too short and if it were to show us exactly what Trump thought, it would be too much and too boring.

A cool movie with an amazing actor and it was long enough to just let us know a little bit more about Donald Trump. Although it’s not Trump’s official biography (he never has one I think), it is still worth to watch. Also, to admire Ferreira’s portrayal of Donald Trump. :)

Couldn’t find a good trailer/video on YouTube. Sigh. What a “cold” movie.

Oh, by the way, Katheryn Winnick who played Ivana Trump, looked so glamorously gorgeous. Saw her here and there in some show or drama. But her accent in the movie was such a put-off, sometimes couldn’t even understand what she was talking about. :(

Look alike?


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