Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner


They were high above the sky
Shining down oh so bright
Dreams, they were
Dreams, her world

She could fly
Up high in the sky
Rainbows were the tides
The cloud was her ride

She flew so high
Touching the dreams all right
Dreams, she reached
Dreams, were gone

They all came tumbling down
On the beautiful ivory town

There she is
Sitting in the mud
Yet she dreams
For one day she must
Grasp the Dreams
And fly above the ivory town
With her beautiful ivory crown

~ Ashley

Hmm…… Don’t know what came upon me to write such a crappy stuff. Hahahaha…… Still wanted to write it down, hoping that I could improve. Been a while since I last written a poem.

More or less resembling what I’ve been going through. I am a hopeless believer of miracles. I found that I tell myself “tomorrow will be better” very often. In fact, I always think “things will be better tomorrow”. Wounded over and over again but I could never learn. Perhaps, I’m not a quitter by nature.

Great Ocean Road, Melbourne. Taken from my first ever heli ride. Miss the place so much.

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