Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner

I Am Strict

It is a commonly known fact that, women make fussy bosses. If you do not agree with it, raise your hand please! *Ashley’s raising her hand up high and straight.*

As a woman myself, a working woman, I am only fussy when someone does not follow my instructions. I am very lenient on mistakes. You can make mistake, I have all the rights to correct your mistake and you have all the rights to know about it so that you get to learn from it. We all learn from mistakes, don’t we? However, repeating the same mistake over and over again even after consultation and chances are given, is just something I could not bring myself to condone.

I’ll give you clear instructions of how to do one thing, the way I want it to be and by when I want it. You don’t understand it, you’d better ask. I can take all the time in the world to explain to you and I don’t mind questions. However, once you tell me you understand and OK, I’ll take it as you really understand. Mistake is allowed. When I receive the result in a way different than how I wanted it, be prepared to redo it. You don’t argue with me that it is the CORRECT way or you think it is the BEST way. I want it MY way. You want me to follow your way, fine, discuss it with me before you give me the end result.

A mistake done is a mistake alright. Again, you don’t go around the bush only to tell me you assumed I wanted it that way. I wanted A, you gave me B. That is wrong. Admit the mistake, apologise, redo it and I’ll be happy to let you move on. Try arguing with me it is correct and not admitting your mistake, get ready to face some “cold hard facts” from me. I can be very blunt to point out your mistake and carelessness if you try to be sneaky.

I’ve told you it was wrong, but you continue to do it your way. I’ll tell you again that it is wrong. Continuously doing the same thing wrong, it only shows that you have got a strong head to listen to me. Why is following exactly what I said so difficult? It’s just a simple “go get someone here” could turn out to be total frustration. You don’t tell me “someone is busy and I don’t want to disturb him”. I told you to get that someone and you’d better get that someone. If you couldn’t, at least tell me you couldn’t instead of keeping quiet and let me wait.

Am I strict and fussy? Look, this is a junior staff that I am dealing with. Not much of “brains” required here, only as simple and easy as following exactly what I say. If there is some brain-work required, I’d be happy to let you work on your own and show me ONLY the result, I don’t care the means!

Honestly, I don’t usually care HOW you do it, so long as you could give me what I want, a little bit of mistake is forgivable. However, if you simply just can’t do it and give me rubbish whilst you promised me that you could do it, I’m just gonna come down hard on you.

I don’t usually scold people at work. I talk sense to people I work with and I explain. There’s no need to scold people.

I just lost my cool and calm when it comes to this particular person that does not even listen to what I say, always claim that “it is correct” when it is wrong, she did it but she said she did not, she didn’t do it but she said she did, constantly showing a gloomy face when she’s at the front desk, never greets any of the bosses who come in…… Gosh, I could just go on and on. Sigh.

The only thing that gets on my nerves is she would tell me with a straight face that “it is correct” when she did wrong and went all the way to explain that it is CORRECT when it is WRONG! When I showed her the fact that it is wrong, she gave me the silent treatment. What the……

No…… I insist, that I am not a fussy boss. Strict, yes when it comes to work. I am very approachable, but it doesn’t mean that you can play a fool with me on your work. Period!

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