The Yellow Wave

I didn’t expect it to be this “big” until few days before 9th of July. People were (and still are) constantly talking about it. When the  day came, it was all over the news and Facebook.

A day that I saw truly, 1Malaysia. Should “he” or should “he” not be proud of this?

I was following the updates on a news website, every now and then was shocked by the actions and photos. I was so shocked to read the police fired tear gas into a hospital! I was even more shocked to see police went all violent and kicking an unarmed man who didn’t do nothing but merely sat on the floor.

Some may argue, the police has warned the people and they still did not dispersed so they had to use force. But kicking people who weren’t doing anything? Firing tear gas into a hospital? Violently arresting the people? Being rude to the women? Well, perhaps you may want to argue again it IS the people who gave the police the reason to behave that way. What crime did they commit then?

A lot of us waiting to see some changes, yet we are not doing anything than complain, complain and complain. Some even told me that they refused to vote since there wasn’t any capable/right candidate that is fit to be a leader. Well, they forgot, it is our duty to vote, for a change. I am not seeking an extremely capable leader, no one is a perfect or the best leader in this world. Everyone has got their mind or way to rule the country, remember, one man’s food could be another man’s poison. What’s good for you may not be good for others. I only want a change. A change in how they do things and how they treat us “rakyat”.

It is sad and scary, to see how our mind got manipulated to the current state. We even think that everything against the current state is something we should avoid. So, we continue to let them rule the country and manipulate us further. When is this going to stop?

If they couldn’t hear our “voices”, we have to make ourselves heard by exercising our rights. Could the other party hear better? Perhaps. Could the change be worse? Maybe. Should we be afraid of the change? Yes, because no one can guarantee a better tomorrow but ourselves.

Do you know, sometimes, ANY change is better than no change, at all? Any change…… Better or worse. If it is better, be grateful. If it is worse, we just have to prepare ourselves and face it bravely.

Every life decision you make, there is always the risk. Do you take the risk, or just merely sit there and watch the sun goes down? I, do NOT want to be questioned, “where were you when the change happened?”, and all I could say is, “I just stood by and watch”. Better or worse, I want to be the one who makes it. At least, I know I have tried.

P.S.: There’s this lady, 50-60 years of age. She was in the rally. Where was I? Hiding in my cozy home fearing that I would get caught if I go out. If I couldn’t or wouldn’t even want to exercise my voting rights, I wouldn’t even be able to face myself!

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