Read ON. Write ON.

Last week, I realised, it has been months since I last had a book in my hands. It is happening again.

I love reading and I love books. That is something I will not forsake! However, I am just being plain lazy to pick up A book! With Sooshi as my best companion now, even more excuse for me to pick up A BOOK! Sigh.

Someone, commented that I write English very well and he was surprised since I was Chinese-educated. He told me not to give up reading since I have good writing skills. Gosh…… I felt so flattered and motivated. No one, has verbally TOLD me I write well. I have not felt so proud of able to write well until this very moment. Also, finally someone understands that READing is the key to write well!

However, I’ve seen people who try to write as “great” as some author. Bear in mind, able to write well does not mean using “BIG” words altogether. Point out some “big” words in my post here and see how many you could find. And, elaborate your sentence in a repeating manner is just too… confusing. LOL! I hope I don’t do that.

I know very well that when I read, I write better. Look at me now, my post is so bland and flat. Tasteless! ARGH!

I gotta find ways to ditch Sooshi for a while. This is not right and I gotta stop it.

Read, Ashley. Read.

What? How many books are still unwrapped and unread?! 2 Scarpetta’s books, 3 Jodi Picoult’s, Wondla, Jimmy Liau’s, 4 Rick Riordan’s…… That’s about all, I think. Oh SHOOT!!! *Faints*

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