Life is the art of drawing without an eraser ~ John W. Gardner


I am so sorry for the low (or I should say ZERO) activities here. I am extremely busy at work and that often left me feeling extremely exhausted when I get home.

My brain is certainly not functioning very well any more at night. No more computer at night, all I do is checking out what my friends are doing on Facebook via my mobile. Watch a few TV shows, then I’ll just hit the sack and call it a night. The next day, things repeat. Sigh.

Pressures and challenges are pouring in. There’s just too many to do with too little time and hands! How I wish I could have 2 brains and 2 pairs of hands. Sigh. I am feeling that I am standing at the bottom of a waterfall and the water is constantly pouring on top of me, suffocating.

I am “fighting the battle” alone. I do not think of how long I can survive, all I think about is “Ashley, you have to survive”. I MUST survive.

The strange thing is, I am still feeling happy out of all this busy-ness and exhaustion. I start to wonder, if it could be something bad. I can’t be feeling happy all the time when I am feeling pressured too. It is just, weird. Andrew too, is wondering why I am feeling so happy. Nope, not even he could tell. Where exactly is this feeling coming from?

Just when I am writing this, I am feeling happy. Gosh…… For no reason!


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